What's the law?

What's the law? Australian law for new arrivals

What's the law? is a flexible education resource for newly arrived migrants who are developing English language skills.  What's the law? can help new arrivals:

  • get basic information about some common legal issues,
  • identify legal problems and know how to get free legal help. 

The What's the law? kit includes a DVD with 10 photo stories, information for teachers and activity sheets.  There are stories about:

1. The legal system
2. Driving
3. Car accidents
4. Buying a car
5. Police
6. Renting
7. Centrelink
8. Child protection
9. Family law
10. Family violence

A DVD in basic English has been created for adult ESL learners.  The DVD can also be used by service providers to provide information to clients, or may be accessible to clients who have functional English.

This resource is funded by the legal aid commissions of Australia and is available at no cost.

To view the photo stories online or to order free copies, click on your state or territory below.

Legal Aid ACT

Legal Aid NSW

NT Legal Aid Commission

Legal Aid Queensland

Legal Services Commission of South Australia

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

Victoria Legal Aid

Legal Aid Western Australia



National Legal Aid's evaluation of the kit shows that 97 per cent of educators using the kit said it was a useful tool to provide information about legal issues. 

Read the What's the law? evaluation report.