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What is National Legal Aid?

There are eight independent legal aid commissions around Australia, one in each of the states and territories.

The directors of the commissions combine at a national level to form National Legal Aid (NLA) and one of their number is, on an annual rotation basis, elected as Chair.  The current Chair of NLA is Dr Graham Hill, Director of Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania.

For legal advice please click here for the contact details of the legal aid commission in your state or territory.

NLA does not provide legal advice.

The commissions receive funding from three sources, and for the 2015-16 financial year the funding comprised:

  • Commonwealth government - $215.224 million
  • State and territory governments - $345.931 million
  • Interest, contributions & fees - $110.087 million

For more information on commission income and expenditure please see our Finance pages

In 2015-16 the commissions provided:

  • grants of aid approved = 141,407
  • legal advice (320,312) and minor assistance services (61,243) = 381,555
  • duty lawyer services = 454,842
  • family dispute resolution conferences = 7,906

For more statistics please see our National Statistics page

For NLA Strategic Plans please see our Policies and Papers page